Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does your service offer?
    At Mums of out Debt, our aim is to guide you towards the best debt advice for your personal situation. Either through our website quiz or Messenger service, we will ask a few questions about your situation and then recommend the best company to help with your debts.
  • What companies do you work with?
    Mums out of Debt was set up by Carrington Dean as a debt advice platform for mothers but depending on your personal situation, there is a full panel of other organisations who we may recommend if we feel they are best placed to assist you.
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • How can you write off debt?
    Any debt write offs would be handled by the organisations we recommend and the solutions they offer. There are solutions in the UK that are government-approved and allow a percentage of debts (up to 75%) to be written off to make them affordable to repay. These solutions not only write off debt but they also stop creditor hassle and allow single monthly repayments for the duration of the arrangement.
  • How much will this cost me?
    Our advice is completely free and some solutions we recommend do not have fees attached. If you move forward with a solution that does have fees, these would be taken from the money received by the creditors and you would not pay anything up front. Therefore, if you enter one of these solutions, your current monthly outgoings would still be less than they are at the moment.
  • Will this affect my credit rating?
    The debt solutions we recommend will have varying impacts on credit rating. It’s worth keeping in mind that missing payments or having payment plans set up with individual creditors would also impact credit rating.
    At the end of the debt solution, your credit rating would be reset and you can rebuild from this point.
  • How will this affect my car on finance?
    If you include your car finance agreement with any debt solution, you would need to return the car to the company you financed it from. However, if you exclude your car finance agreement from the debt solution and continue repaying this debt, you can have your other debts dealt with while keeping your vehicle.